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Mon Dec 14 18:26:09 CET 2015

Today the Public Software Group [1] released LiquidFeedback Core 3.1.0
and Frontend 3.1.0. These releases include:

LiquidFeedback Core 3.1.0 and Frontend 3.1.0

* LiquidFeedback for Revision Control Systems (lf4rcs)

  LiquidFeedback's new module allows users of LiquidFeedback to control
  software and product development processes democratically and shows
  how collective knowledge management can be done in a more democratic
  way. Read more about how LiquidFeedback can manage revision control
  systems like Git and Mercurial at:


  More about the theory behind the new technology has been published in
  the latest issue of The Liquid Democracy Journal:


* Minimum admission phase

  With this release, a minimum admission time (min_admission_time),
  which is configurable per policy, has been introduced in addition to
  the admission time, which has been renamed to max_admission_time.
  Setting a minimum admission time prevents issues from being admitted
  before the minimum admission time has elapsed.

LiquidFeedback Core 3.1.0

* Clarifications regarding PostgreSQLs operator precedence

  Some code has been clarified to avoid unclear operator precedence
  regarding current beta versions of PostgreSQL 9.5.

* Code Cleanup

  A table for API keys and the discussion_url field of issues have been
  dropped as they are not used by current Frontend versions. Some
  internal constraint identifiers have been shortened to not exceed the
  63 character limit of PostgreSQL.

LiquidFeedback Frontend 3.1.0

* Dropped compatibility for old WebMCP 1.x

  As announced some months ago [2], the support for old 1.x versions of
  WebMCP has been dropped. Please use current WebMCP 2.x releases!

* Clean up of configuration

  The initialization process and the example configuration of
  LiquidFeedback Frontend have been cleaned up.

The updates are available at the official release pages [3] and [4].


With the update to LiquidFeedback 3.1, the configuration system has
been changed. Therefore ALL operators of LiquidFeedback updating to
version 3.1 MUST change the configuration file. All operators should
compare their current configuration file with the example configuration
file provided by LiquidFeedback Frontend 3.1. All operators must at
least remove the following line from the configuration file:

As already announced [2], the support for old versions of
LiquidFeedback and WebMCP has ended on November 30, 2015.

All operators of LiquidFeedback Frontend 2.x should update to 3.0.9 or
3.1.0. All operators of WebMCP 1.x should update to WebMCP 2.0.3.

Best regards

The LiquidFeedback Maintainers

[1] http://www.public-software-group.org/
[2] http://dev.liquidfeedback.org/pipermail/announce/2015-June/000039.html
[3] http://www.public-software-group.org/liquid_feedback_core
[4] http://www.public-software-group.org/liquid_feedback_frontend

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