LiquidFeedback Core

The main component is the LiquidFeedback Core, written in PL/pgSQL and C. The core contains SQL data structures, views, and stored procedures that count delegations, supporters, and votes. It also calculates and caches sort keys for proportional representation.

LiquidFeedback Frontend

The user frontend is provided by the LiquidFeedback Frontend. Currently the frontend accesses the SQL database directly and is thus also responsible for access control and locking (this may change once a fully working API is available).

LiquidFeedback API

An alpha version of the LiquidFeedback API Server "lfapi" is provided for development purposes. This project is currently not under maintenance but a draft for the API specification is available.

Installation guideline

An installation guideline is part of the LiquidFeedback Frontend.

Further project related information


Mailing lists

Currently there are two mailing lists related to the development of LiquidFeedback:

Security related announcements will be published on the announce list. All announcements are also posted to the main list.

Issue reports

If you found a bug or similar issue in LiquidFeedback, please use the issue report form to let us know. You can indicate, if you like to receive updates on the ongoing status of the reported issue.

Feature proposals

If you have an idea of a new feature or if you like to implement and contribute a new feature for LiquidFeedback, please let us know. To help you making clear what your feature is and to allow the maintainers to discuss and decide about your feature, it is required to write a feature proposal based on the questions of the feature proposal guideline.

Contacting the maintainers

You can contact the maintainers of LiquidFeedback at:
Maintainer email address

Please write in English or German language.

Licensing and contributions

MIT license

We think software used for democratic purposes must be free in any possible meaning. For this reason, we only accept code and dependencies being public domain, licensed under MIT or BSD style license or similar, and we are publishing the software under MIT license. We do not accept any code infected with viral licenses like GPL. If you want to contribute code, we need a signed license agreement from you. It's available from the website of our association.


The Public Software Group needs a signed Contributor License Agreement (CLA) from anybody contributing to LiquidFeedback and its components. The LiquidFeedback maintainers are not allowed to incorporate code unless there is a contributor license agreement on file.

Repository access

The LiquidFeedback Maintainers are granting access to the source code repository to developers, which contributed regularly and have been proven to be reliable. Contributors are kindly requested to make their contributions by email together with a feature proposal. Such patches will be reviewed by the maintainers and – if suitable for LiquidFeedback – incorporated.

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