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Components of LiquidFeedback

LiquidFeedback is splitted into multiple components:

More applications are available from other software projects.



Mailing lists

Currently there are two mailing lists related to the development of LiquidFeedback:

Contacting the maintainers

You can contact the maintainers of LiquidFeedback at Maintainer email address. Please write in english or german.

Licensing policy

We think software used for democratic purposes must be free in any possible meaning. For this reason we only accept code and dependencies being public domain, licensed under MIT or BSD style license or similar, and we are publishing the software under MIT license. We do not accept anything infected by viral licenses like GPL. If you want to contribute code, we need a signed license agreement from you. It's available from the website of our association.


Project related

Testing instances run by us

Productive instances run by users


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